Coach Patrick

“I would like to recognize Coach Patrick for his outstanding coaching this term. He has really helped me develop my techniques and improve my skills this term. And I really like his personality!”  — Matthias

“My son started in the ‘Big Feet’ class this year. He is shy, and often intimidated by groups of kids, and we haven’t had much luck finding him an activity that he enjoys–especially challenging because he is a twin, and doesn’t like to be separated from his sister. All that changed when he met Coach Patrick. Every night he was coming home and gushing about class–how much he loved soccer, what he was learning, and how funny!!! Coach Patrick was. My partner generally takes him to class since I’m at work when his class meets, but I had finally a chance to attend and see the famous Coach P. in action. It was pretty amazing watching my shy little boy running around having the time of his life! I admire the balance Patrick seems to strike in having a fun class, but also having high expectations for the kids–and how successfully he teaches some deeper lessons about sportsmanship. Great coach–we are so delighted to have him working with our kiddo.”  — Jennie Marable

“Coach Patrick is great. Elias follows his instructions religiously and giggles the entire time. He loves to wake up the rabbit and fly in the spaceship. Great activities and great connection with the kids.” — Elias Johnson-Lases

“Abella now gets to have class with Patrick, and he has a gift that you very rarely see. His ability to engage the kids, get down on their level and get them learning without realizing because they are having so much fun, is quite simply, amazing.”  — Andrea Tomlin

“Coach Patrick is so welcoming, hilarious and just an all round great coach and representative of Lil’ Kickers. Keep up the awesome work!”  — Summer Widmer

” Coach Patrick has been a stellar coach fur the youngest kids. His classes are great fun and the kids absolutely gravitate toward him and his positive energy. He’s also been extremely accommodating with my son, who has sensory issues and can sometimes be overwhelmed by the noise and energy of activities such as soccer class. But Patrick has been aware, attentive, and adaptive, while not bringing any unwelcome focus to my son. Thank you!”  — Tye